About me

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I’ve trained as a broadcast journalist with a special interest in financial markets, business news & politics.

I currently work for CYBG plc, the UK’s sixth-largest bank, as a B2B media manager, where I seek to promote the work the bank does in supporting the UK’s SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises). My role finds me working on major media campaigns spanning press, digital channels and events to attract prospective SME customers to the bank, as well as working with current Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank business customers to help them promote their businesses through editorial, social media and other mediums.

In previous roles I worked as an editor / copywriter for a fintech business in London, Invstr, centred on teaching beginners to the stock market how to become great investors and opening up stock trading to the masses.

At the beginning of my career, I worked in business news radio, at Share Radio in London as an assistant to the producer, where I created packages on a wide range of subjects including Eurozone banks, London’s luxury housing market, Brexit, ethical investing and geopolitics amongst many other topics. I have also worked as a researcher for various companies in TV & PR & decided to undertake a masters degree in TV journalism in 2014/15.

On the course I created video content in the form of news packages as well as a short/long form documentaries. My end of year project was a short-form documentary centered on the topic of male self-image in an age of appearance obsession, where I interviewed a leading maxillofacial / plastic surgeon as well as academics on the impact of our societies current beauty ideals on the minds of young people, but men in particular.

This blog contains a selection of my work over 2015-18.


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